Autonomous Vehicle Technology drives pilot projects

Posted at 12:31 pm on 02/22/2018 by Rahul Razdan
Autonomous Vehicle Technology drives pilot projects  by Dean Bushey, Rahul Razdan and Anand Prasad[

Public Transportation has been one of the most active areas for the use of autonomous vehicle (AV) technologies. In fact, one of Florida’s most visible communities (The Villages) just announced the pending availability of autonomous taxi service. Public utilities are viewing AV as a solution to a number of vexing issues such as solving the last mile problem (bus-stop to house) or raising the efficiency of existing fleets or even providing on-demand 24-7 access.    

In addition, the pace of pilot projects is accelerating around the world.   Bloomberg Philanthropies keeps these projects up to date on their website.   Some important pilots include Uber’s work with Pittsburgh, and Waymo (Google)’s work in Phoenix.  In Florida, nearly every public authority ranging from JTA to LYNX are considering the use of this technology.  

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